Monday, August 23, 2010

Back in Again

I got out of the hospital last Tuesday and when I saw my doctor on Wednesday he said that because of the severity of the chemotherapy treatment there was a great chance that I would end up back in the hospital and possibly with a blood transfusion. Well, I started today like any other day. I was really happy because I got to go back to school and everything. Then I went for my shot right before my job and that's when everything changed. My WBC was 0.7 and my plateletes were 28. When I saw my counts I started crying b/c I knew Dr. Jana was going to try to send me back to the hospital and I didn't want to go. He was very kind and patient with me. He took me into one of the side rooms and let me cry out and then spoke of his concern for my health. He told me he wanted to go to school and work, but not until I got better. So here I am in the hospital. No work for at least a couple of weeks and no school for now. Not until I get out. I might have to get a blood transfusion if my plateletes go any lower. I hope the Lord will help me through this without sinning against Him.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Texas, New Mexico, Mini Golf, Broncitis, Miami, Hospital

I'm in the hospital again. It has been an interesting month. I decided right after all my shots and everything were over to go to Texas with my two friends, Nancy and Gabby, to see my friend Mary Anne. We were 6 days and 5 nights. Here are the basics of our adventure:

Day 1/ Wednesday: Arrive in airport very early, spend some time with mary anne, some time sleeping in airport, some time drinking coffee, and some time talking to El Paso tour guide. Gabby and Nancy come 8 hours later, we go eat, settle in, and spend some much needed time in the hot tub.

Day 2/ Thursday: Gabby, Nancy, and I decide to drive from El Paso, TX to Carlsbad, NM to go to the Carlsbad Caverns. On the way we drive through many mts. including the Franklin Mts. and the Guataloupe Mts. Take many pictures and adopt theme song for trip. Get to Carlsbad, NM and decide to take "natural entrance" of bat cave to get to the caverns. The funniest part of this was all the signs warning us that this was only for those in shape. Which I am not. LOL. However, we did it. We hiked the 3 miles from the top of the bat cave to the bottom of the cavern and it was amazing. Afterward, we went back through a storm and Nancy started to feel sick. She went to bed early.

Day 3/ Friday: We drove back to New Mexico again but this time to go to the White Sands Monument, which is basically a huge white sand desert in the middle of the Mts. We took plastic sled disks with us and slid down the sand dunes over and over again. It was really fun. Afterward we finally met up with Mary Anne in TX and went with her for food and fun. We ended up on Scenic Dr. and viewing spot on top of the Franklin Mts. where u can see all of El Paso and parts of Mexico as well. Then Mary Anne and some of her new friends decided to climb the mt. behind us to get a better view. I went as well even though I was wearing sandals. Then they decided to climb higher, to the very top of the mt. I was like "no way", but some how I kept going higher and higher until I got stuck in the mt. and gave up. On my way back down, I got stubborn and decided to find another way up to the top. I made Nancy come to even though she was in a dress. LOL. It was really pretty when we finally made it and when we got back down to Scenic Dr. it was sunset. So we got to watch night come to El Paso. It was beautiful.

Day 4/ Saturday: Event with Mary Anne and her friends. Then we went to Cracker Barrell which was really yummy. Afterward, the sun was coming down and I wanted a picture so I decided to run across the pkg lot to get a good view and I fell. I made it through mts., deserts, and caves, but not parking lots. Too dangerous. LOL. Today is the day I also started to feel sick.

Day 5/ Sunday: Church with Mary Anne's church. Good sermon. Nice congregation. Lunch with Mary Anne's grandma. Time at the Mall in El Paso where we went to the store were everything was $1. It was amazing. I wish we had one here. :( Then Mary Anne wanted to take us to this concert and before she found a parking spot we were at the border of Juarez, Mexico. Oh yeah!!! Many panicked moments later and with the help of two mexican men we were able to turn around and escape, but what a way to end an adventure.

Day 6/ Monday: I was dropped off for my flight and was feeling icky. Then my connecting flight in Atlanta was 4 hours late b/c of the weather. When I finally left, I flew home in a lightening storm. I guess the adventure wasn't over yet.

After this adventure was over my grandma, mother, and brother came up for the weekend. It was nice. We played golf, went out to eat, went to the Scriptorium, and they came to church. Then the day they went home, I went with Nancy on a road trip to Miami. She needed an emergency passport and I had promised to go with her. I was sick with broncitis the whole time!!!! I finally was shipped a Z-Pak in Delray Bch, but I didn't start feeling better till this past Saturday. As it is I'm still coughing and I think my sore throat might be coming back.

Well, This was my whole month in one post. Right now I'm in the hospital, and when I get out, I might have to go back to work and school with chemo, and I just found out that this cancer process won't actually be over for the next 5 years. Oh boy.