Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only what's done for Christ will last!!!

Well, I'm in the middle of my last chemo session. I have one more bag to go and then I'm done. This week was filled with tests from the Lord. Last Saturday I noticed a new lump on my neck and then that night was vommitting. Also for the past couple of weeks I've had severe back pain. Both issues caused a lot of pressure to be put on my mind.

When I came into the hospital this time, they wanted to put me in the "death room"-10234, where I got my fever, my C-Diff, and where I was sent to the ICU from. I said, no way and waited 5 hours in the cancer resource library until my new room was ready, which ended up being the "deluxe sweet" of the cancer ward-10230. Complete with counter space, a closet, 2 guest beds, and a dining room table with chairs. The first praise of the night.

I had many friends visit and had lots of fun. The following day was filled with tests and trials. The doctor told me that it was possible to grow a new tumor while in chemo. This led me to fits of emotional distress as I contemplated this entire trial starting over again. Long story, short, it was a long day.

Wednesday, I got my CT scan results back, they were clear. No more cancer. :) I also had my MRI which I found out today was also clear. Just some mild damage, but nothing that would cause immediate surgery. I am so happy that this trial is coming to an end. It's not that I would not go through it again for Christ, b/c Tuesday showed me that I would. But I look forward to once again serving the kingdom. It brings me such joy to know that because of this trial I can now serve the body, so much better.

Thank you everyone. Your prayers have been heard. I love you all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In and Out then In again

I got out. Last week. It took me till Sunday to recover. Then on Monday I got broncitus and was still on shots for the WBC which were low till today. I asked my doctor if we could do the last chemotherapy session on November 1st and he said "yes". I want to go to the Harvest Festival at my church. It's important to me.

Well, here's the good news blog readers. The cat scan said the tumors are gone. We are now poisoning the leftover cancer "sprinkles" as I call them. This 6th chemo treatment will Lord willing be my last chemo treatment. I am so thankful, surprised, and grateful that the Lord has led me through this trial. It was not easy and there are many times when I thought I would just die, but I didn't die, I survived, praise the Lord and I thank Him that He did this for me. That He gave me cancer.

Most of this trial, I have just seen my overwhelming depravity in spite of God's grace toward me. There have been some times when I have seen the changes God has done in me. He has worked in so many sins in my life: my pride, thankfulness, complaining, repentance, endurance, faithfulness, perserverence, encouragement, prayer and other things.

I pray all of this will be used to shape me into a sharp sword to be used to pierce the hearts of Guatemala with the word of God.

Praise Christ. May He be forever glorified. He took me through this trial still faithful to Him. Praise Him. Praise Him. Praise Him.