Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just Can't Stop

I got out of the hospital but not before two blood platelete transfusions and a load of antibiotics and pain meds. I was in so much pain, it basically made me unconscious. All I did was sleep for the most part. It hurt too much to concentrate. I made sure I got out in time for Women's group though. And the same day that I got out of the hospital, I had to go to school to registar. Since then I haven't really stopped. Every day there's something to do. I get up, I throw up, I drag myself to school, I'm sick, I take meds or not, and I keep walking. Every sick step I take stomps on a little piece of this cancer that's constantly trying to knock me down.

I am blessed though b/c I have Christ. And two families who love me-my church and my own. They help me stay strong b/c when I can't continue for myself, I continue for them. To be an example which points straight to the glory of Christ. It's not that bad. At least I know the truth. There are so many lost, alone, sad, and hopeless. They are the ones to be pitied.

My sister is walking for me in "Light the Night". It's amazing how much my cancer has changed her. I'm so proud of her. It's worth it to be sick, if only for her.

In two weeks and one day I'm going to Jacksonville. The same weekend road trip for NANC for the next three months. Then possibly in Dec. (Lord willing)-THE GRAND CANYON-WOO HOO!!!

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