Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I don't know how to spell it, but I have broncitis. It's not a big deal at the moment since I don't have a fever, but the doctor siad he would stay worried about me until I started chemo again, which will be on the 24th of May.

In other news, based on some family feedback I would just like to make it clear that just b/c Im not praying for healing doesnt mean Im praying for death. God will heal me through the doctors in His own timing. That is completely out of my control. However how I act and my own responses to this situation are partly my responsibility. While God is sovereign I still have to be obedient. And thats why I pray for obedience, b/c its something that Im responsible for.

I would also like those who are in mourning over this situation or who are pitying me to examine themselves to see whether are not they are in the faith. This trial like all things is about the Lord. We should only praise Him for it. Nothing else. Also, I hate pity. Nothing is more discouraging than that look of sadness on someone's face that reminds you that you're sick.

Pray for my time with my family. They are much more challenging than cancer. Thanks.

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  1. Amen! The only reason why I was crying when singing the song about you is because of seeing how beautiful it is to see Christ change someone and glorify Him through this! I have never mourned over this (no offense.) God handpicks the trials that we go through and He knew that you would glorify Him through this; Love you, sis.