Friday, May 7, 2010

A new date and a new poem

My mom is here and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I forgot that it wouldn't be the same as it was before simply because even if everything stayed the same, Christ has still sanctified me making the entire affair different.

Today was Elizabeth's shower. It was wonderful. I know she was surprised and I pray she was edified. I also got to talk to my chemo nurse and my oncologist has agreed to push my chemo back to my birthday. Yes, I know it sounds strange, but I don't mind starting chemo on my birthday. There are so many things to do before that date that are so important to me that it just fades in comparison. Plus, I can't eat cake and I've already ranted about it so I'll just leave it at that.

Now so I can sleep, I will leave you with my newest poem, which I actually wrote for Jessica in the hospital, but it can edify all of us.

To Give Him Glory
The point of trials is for the glory of God, the self-examination and sanctification of the believer, and the edification and encouragement of the saints. Each trail is perfectly formulated for the growth of the believer. As you go through them, remember that beloved.

What is the right response, when struck by a blow?
What do I do when there’s no where else to go?
Only to the cross, where pain was defined
Only to Christ, whose sufferings help mine
Only to God by whom this was decided
Only to the Spirit, whose comfort is provided
The Lord has decided that this would be so.
His perfection wills it, leaving one place to go.
Through each trial and chain
He holds my sweet relief
God has decided
That I’ll be sanctified through grief
In life, there’s pain, then there’s peace.
Soon I’ll in Heaven, in a place without time.
Where Christ rules forever with His glory sublime.
I have one place of rest, at the foot of the cross.
All my plans have been undone, all I have lost.
Only I will be blamed, if I tarnish His name
Or make Him ashamed with His gospel defamed.
Holy is the Great I AM, worthy is the Perfect Lamb
God sovereignly decided that my life He would take
And I’ll honor Him, through the choices I make.
Worship Christ so that He’ll be glorified.
Praise His name so that He'll be magnified.
The right response Is just to obey
And through each trial put Christ on display
He is the focus, I am but a lens
He is the King, on Him I depend
The purest gold is made in the fire
To be like Christ is my greatest desire
I do not wish or want to be healed
But in my suffering let Christ be revealed.