Sunday, April 18, 2010

Foods chemotherapy likes

Trying to find something to something to eat that chemotherapy won't reject can be quite a tricky process. So far there are few foods that have made it past the throat to the stomach and stayed to reside. My few winners have been:

1. Whole Foods Lemon Mustard Asparagus
2. Panetini Four Cheese Toast Points
3. Green Beans
4. Wheaties (although they have been rejected before)
5. Saltine Crackers

And that's about it. Everything, is a no go. At this point I vomit 3-4X a day and have lost about 10 pounds. Good for the vow in future, bad for me now b/c I'm hungry enough to eat about anything-I just can't. Oh the funny ironies of life. The Lord has such a sense of humor. I have a headache right now. I might have vomited the meds that prevent that. Have to go find out.

Sorry, no spirituals insights or teachings in this post. They are there in my head. I just need to headache meds first.

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