Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm so tired, but must post for all those who need to know what's going on. It has been difficult the last couple of days to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. I'm tired, light headed, headachy, hungry, and weak all the time. My energy comes in waves and I always feel like I can't catch my breath. But each day it seems to get a little worse and better as I learn to adjust and be content. My blessings have come of it, the greatest of which is the family bonding that is occuring with my sister.

In other news, I went to the oncologist today. He said that he was pleased with me and my progress and that I did great. I thought I did terrible and I felt terrible, but that's the doctor/patient perspective for you. My blood counts are still doing well and he wants me to be as active as possible. He frowns at the thought of me lying in bed all day. He wants me to push myself which is exciting since that's what I've been doing. Chemo is in about a month. Around my birthday. I don't mind though, I can't eat cake anyway. What's the point of a birthday if you can't eat cake?

Lastly, Jen and Preston are at the hospital. She is having chest pain. Bella is with Karen. And I am trying to be a good roommate. I've cleaned and washed dishes. Taken out the trash. Bought some food for when they get home and am presently washing their sheets and doing laundry. I want to bless them the way they have blessed me.

Pray for my success and continued perserverance. All glory to God. He picked the perfect path for me. He knew all other paths that could have happened before He chose this one so I know it is the perfect path and am at peace because He has already seen what is about to happen and knows it will bring Him glory. :)

Ok, sleep time. Good Night readers.


  1. Hey Sister!!!
    I am at school working on art show stuff,but not being very productive. I just read your blog! obviously. Your my gift leah not the other way around, i love you mucha! I am going to make lime green ribbons that we are going to wear at the show so everyone will know there is someone very special that isnt there.i talked to my teacher and told her how they threw you out of the hospital with no answers to the specifics of your disease and what you should be feeling. her brother had colon cancer and she comes from a long line of doctors. she said that your primary care doctor will take care of the more personal aspect of the cancer and the hospital staff is more concerned with keeping the cancer away. I LOVE YOU TO THE SKY AND BACK!!!!!!! feel better!

  2. Such a blessing to read of your desire to be in GOD's will and except the path HE has chosen for you.

    I have a blog about my breast cancer wateringwellsofhope (see profile)

    I will be in prayer for others I know.