Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Short and Sweet

Ok, so since Sunday I've vomited twice more, today. Yesterday (Monday) was a good day. I got moved from 10218 back to 10230 which does give me more room and fellowship time. I still get sick and I see how the nurses here are slower and less attentive, but I'm content where the Lord puts me. I had my spinal tap chemotherapy yesterday which due to many drugs was painless. Then Jen, Preston, and baby came over and we went downstairs. It was nice. They brought me food, but I was too nauseous to eat it.

Today, I still have nausea, wait...yup I just vomited up my dinner. That's three times today, after every meal. Sorry. Anyway, I'm also being shown my weakness in light-headedness, headaches, and fatigue, but the Lord is good and His grace is ever abounding. I'm sorry, I wish I could write more, but I'm so tired. Till next time-I rejoice in the Lord. In the wonders He has done. And the many blessings He has in my life.

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