Sunday, April 25, 2010

So many posts, so little memory!!!

Well, for the first and most important post, I AM NOW HOME!!! I was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon at about 2:30pm. My darling friend Nancy, picked me up and my adventure began. It was an experience to breathe free air, drive in a car, and go to wal-mart all after 24 days in the hospital in a bed. Then in true Leah style, I decided to surprise my church this morning with my appearence instead of letting anyone know I was coming. In addition to the shouts of joy, 5 car pile-ups, many hugs, and an endearing pray for my health by Tom Mutugi, my dear friends Nicole and Jess played a beautiful song honoring the Lord, using my cancer experience as an encouragement to the body. Although I felt the weary effects of my treatment there was nothing that could have kept me away from the body.

When I went to the hosptial on April 1, I had three goals. The first was to glorify the Lord, the second was to guard my testimony and witness against sin and blame, and the third was to encourage and edify the body of Christ. The Lord has honored all my prayer requests for His own personal glory and I am the lucky one to have been chosen by Him at such a young age to be this vessel for Him and His church.

Although I have so much more time, trials, and tears ahead of me. So many unknown questions, answers, fears, and problems, I am completely confident in one thing-Christ alone. As long as I stay faithful to Him I will stay at peace and sustained in this trial and all others to come. No amount of pain, hair loss, light headedness, hunger, or tiredness can ever seperate a true believer from the ever sustaining and supplying love of God.

Ok, more posts to come. Some funny tidbits about werid nurses and other experiences that happened at the hospital that can't be left out.

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